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Angela Thomas


I was a Shaklee Kid in the 80's and 90's.  I grew up taking the vitamins and living in a house cleaned with Shaklee cleaning products.  When I was pregnant with my second child in 2010, my mom, who had been taking Shaklee consistently for 28 years, became a distributor with Shaklee.  Through her I was re-introduced to Shaklee and realized I needed to be more aware of what being healthy meant.  As many can relate, I was using blogs and magazine articles to figure out where to go for healthy supplements, the right nutrition and all things health... and I just ended up staring at the choices at Whole Foods not knowing where to go.  When I looked at Shaklee, they could show me all the quality control, research studies and standards that I was just hoping I was getting in XYZ vitamin.  Plus, if I wasn't happy, I could return anything I tried so... why not!?  I started on the Vitalizer and my son, 15 months at the time, started on the Incredivites and the Chewable Calcium Magnesium.   I saw improvements in both of us.  I had more energy, felt less stressed and had a very smooth pregnancy.  Joey was FINALLY sleeping better and his mood was less erratic.  Any parent knows that when your child sleeps through the night consistently, life is 1000x better.  We waited until 15 months for that! 

Eliza and Joey

Now my son, Joey (8) and daughter, Eliza (6) are both vitamin junkies!  They love vitamin time in the morning and so do I because I know I'm filling them up with good things.  We do our best to eat healthy, buy organic, do all those good things but as any mom knows, it isn't always possible to be 100% with feeding our children healthy foods.  Shaklee gives me the added "insurance" I need to feel like my children are getting what they need to grow healthy and strong!




My mission is to help people live healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives through improved diet, nutrition and environment.  

But what does that mean, really?  I am able to share health to other moms, hope-to-be moms, allergy sufferers, children and more.  If I can help a child live a healthier life, not miss school because of illness, be able to play with their friends without an asthma attack ... then I'll sign up to do that 10 more times.  Moms are the cornerstone of most families.  If a mom isn't able to make a healthy dinner, play with her kids, nurture in the way she is called to do because she is sick, tired or stressed ... things start falling apart for the whole family.  To help moms stay healthy is to help the whole family ... and to help the kids stay healthy is to help moms and the future of that family!  It is just such an honor for someone to allow me to be part of their family's health goals and I take that responsiblity very seriously!

I also feel a huge responsiblity to keeping this planet from being taken over by landfills and smog.  One bottle of Basic H2 when used as a window cleaner saves over 5,000 bottles from getting into the landfills.  Even if my customers don't know it, I do and I am proud to be part of keeping the earth beautiful for our children.  Shaklee helps me do all this because Shaklee believes healthier lives are possible and that the earth is worth being kind to.  



Joey Eliza Basic H2 This is Joey and Eliza spraying each other with the Basic H2 Window Cleaner.  They "help" me clean all the time... it is so safe that I don't worry when they stop "helping" and start being silly.